Optimize Your Revenue Cycle with Less Effort

Providers are looking for ways to receive payments faster without placing additional burden on front-desk staff. Availity’s Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution helps simplify claim and payment processing, while delivering powerful reporting and intelligent analytics that pinpoint revenue cycle trends.

With Availity’s Revenue Cycle Management you will receive payments faster while reducing the administrative burden on your office staff. With powerful reporting and intelligent analytics that pinpoint trends affecting your revenue cycle, you can dramatically reduce your accounts receivable and improve cash flow so you can operate a healthy business.

Whether you are a hospital, medical practice, health system, or billing service, Revenue Cycle Management can help standardize, streamline and automate tasks related to:

  • Patient access
  • Billing and collections
  • Claim tracking and rework
  • Payment posting

Services Offered with NowMD:

  • Claims processing for Professional Services
  • Electronic EOBs
  • Plus additional services


NowMD includes a module for processing claims with the Availity RCM Clearinghouse. There is no additional software charge for using Availity RCM.

Service Details and Pricing

Additional information is available by contacting Availity:

email: inbornesales@availity.com