Software for Your Medical Billing Service

NowMD has the software features you need to run your medical billing service affordably!

Meets Current and Upcoming Technology Requirements

It seems that healthcare insurance billing requirements are always changing! NowMD is ready now for these current and future requirements:

  • ANSI 5010 Electronic Claims – Creates electronic claim batches in the ANSI 5010 – 837P format for submission to clearinghouses supported by NowMD.
  • ICD-10 Diagnosis Codes – NowMD is ready now for the switch from ICD-9 to ICD-10.
  • New 1500 Insurance Claim Form – NowMD prints the new 1500 Insurance Claim Form (02-12) and meets the requirements for paper claim billing after March, 2014.
  • Payment Auto-Posting from Electronic Remittance Advice – When billing using one of NowMD’s available electronic claim options, payments may be automatically posted to their encounters if insurance carriers return the electronic remittance advice. This feature saves data entry time and reduces errors.

Excellent Collection Tools

You’ll appreciate NowMD’s collection tools, especially if you are paid on a percentage of payments collected! Follow-up information is stored, tracked and instantly available.

Supports Multiple Providers at No Extra Cost

NowMD permits creation of multiple provider databases. There is no extra software charge to add a new billing service client.

Reports for Client Billing

NowMD includes reports to assist in billing providers for your services:

  • Detail report for service entered, a count of service lines and total billed charges for those services
  • Count and total amount of payments entered and applied
  • Count and total amount of charge adjustments entered and applied
  • Count and total amount of claims submitted

Affordable to Buy, Affordable to Maintain

Software licenses and support fees can easily fit into your technology budget!