Built-In Credit Card Processing

With credit card processing in NowMD credit card payments can be accepted on every computer in the office. No more credit card terminals and dedicated telephone lines!

Credit Card Data Security, PCI Compliance and PA-DSS Validation

Businesses that accept credit card payments must be compliant with all applicable PCI-DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) requirements. This includes using validated payment processing software, securing computers and the network where the software is used, and taking other measures to ensure a secure credit card data environment.

NowMD Version 2 and above uses out-of-scope credit card processing technology from Datacap Systems, Inc. NETePay version 5 is recognized as a Validated Payment Application. More information is available on the PCI Security Standards Council web site at https://www.pcisecuritystandards.org/.


Why We Chose Vantiv Integrated Payments


Vantiv’s systems are very rarely unavailable. When you’re ready to process a patient payment Vantiv Integrated Payments is ready to help you.

Customer Service

Vantiv delivers stellar customer service all day, every day, all year long.

Low Competitive Rates

It takes only a few minutes to start the process to get a personalized price quote!

Speed and Security

Credit card processing takes as little as three seconds

Supported Credit Card Devices

For improved security, credit card processing in NowMD Version 2 and above requires the use of encrypted credit card devices. This hardware is fully supported by NowMD and offers a variety of functionality.


This encrypted magnetic stripe reader offers basic magnetic stripe operation. Securely reads credit cards

Verifone VX 805

This multifunction device supports traditional credit card processing features and adds new technologies:

  • Includes a traditional magnetic stripe credit card reader
  • Supports NFC (near field communication) credit card transactions with Apple Pay, Android Wallet and similar mobile payment technologies
  • Includes a card reader slot for EMV processing with new chip-embedded credit cards.
Credit Card processing software
is a standard feature in NowMD.
Vantiv Integrated Payments fees are additional.