NowMD Version 2.12 Released!

New Features Added in NowMD Version 2.12

EMV Credit Card Processing – This features uses the newly embedded chips in credit cards for processing. This and other credit card processing features add new security for credit card processing and help prevent chargebacks.

Selecting Encounters for Statements – Selecting an encounter for producing a statement automatically selects other encounters that are ready for a statement and have the same responsible guarantor.

Prevent Sending of Claim Batch with Warnings – Optionally prevent sending of claim batch file with unaddressed warnings to selected Trading Partners.

Encounter Description Field – Identify each encounter with a description. Using the description field lets you identify an encounter by type of insurance, patient condition or other relevant data.

Availity Module – Includes an electronic claim module for sending claims to Availity RCM, an approved electronic claims clearinghouse.

ERA Service Line Identification – Some insurance payers change the service line identifier they received on a claim when they send electronic remittance advice files. NowMD can now identify these service lines to simplify automatic payment posting.

Encounter Default Values – Default values for selected fields in encounter data entry can now be set. Defaulting data for these fields lets you specify repetitive information and speed through service entry.

In addition to these feature additions the update includes several dozen maintenance corrections. This NowMD update is available at no charge! All NowMD users are eligible to download and use this new software right away.