NowMD’s Patient Overview

You’ve never seen anything like the Patient Overview! It shows everything about a patient all in one place. Information about patient accounts, insurance coverage, payment status, appointments and more is all available right here. The Patient Overview is Home Base when administrative staff members are working with a patient in the office or on the telephone. The Overview takes advantage of large computer displays, using every inch to let you see more information about a patient.

Overview Alert

Communicate important messages instantly to office staff with the Overview Alert. Important messages like past-due balances or the need for a copy of a new insurance card is displayed in a big yellow overlay in the Overview.

Patient Account Information

Click the underlined patient name link to edit the patient account. View or edit every detail a mouse click  from the Overview.

Contact Telephone Numbers

NowMD keeps every telephone number related to a patient account on hand and displays them in the Overview for your use.


Document discussions with patients and other information that’s important to you right from the Overview.

Related Patients

The head of household and other members of a family are displayed with links. Click an underlined name to see the Overview of the related patient.

Encounter List

An Encounter in NowMD is used to record the billing information for a patient care event. Clicking the link in an existing encounter lets you review all the billing, responsibility, follow-up and electronic remittance advice details for the service episode. All the financial and follow-up information is right here!

When an encounter is selected in the Encounter pane, the Encounter Detail pane shows snapshot details for the encounter like current responsibility, payment and adjustment details.

Guarantor Payments

The Guarantor Payment panel shows a list of every payment from this patient’s guarantor. Clicking the link for the payment allows review of the service lines paid with the payment. If you receive an advance payment for future services the payment is flagged as unapplied or partially applied. As future services are rendered the payment can be applied to those as well.

Upcoming Appointments

If you’re using the Patient Scheduling module for NowMD this panel displays all of a patient’s future appointments. Past appointments can be displayed with a mouse click.

Account Status

This panel displays summary information about the billing status of the patient’s encounters for this account, all the guarantor’s accounts and copayment amounts due.

Quick Print

Quick Print links are used to print specially designed reports directly from the Patient Overview. There’s a description below of each area in the Overview where the Quick Print feature is available. Imagine how the Quick Print reports listed could help make little jobs faster and your office more productive! Standard full-page reports and productivity-enhancing reports for Dymo LabelWriter printers are offered.

Quick Print reports for Patients include:

  • Head of Household Mailing Label (for Dymo LabelWriter)
  • Patient File Folder Label – Side Tab (for Dymo LabelWriter)
  • Patient File Folder Label – Top tab (for Dymo LabelWriter)
  • Patient Information Review (Used to allow a patient to review their account information and insurance details at the time of an appointment)
  • Patient Mailing Label (for Dymo LabelWriter)
  • Total Payments from Guarantor – Date Range (For patients who request a record of their payments for tax purposes)
  • Total Payments from Guarantor – Prior Year
  • Total Payments from Guarantor – Year to Date

Quick Print reports for the Encounter panel include:

  • Encounter Receipt (Details of the patient’s diagnosis, services rendered and payments and adjustments. Can be used by the patient for submission to third-party payers for reimbursement)
  • Guarantor Mailing Label (for Dymo LabelWriter)

Quick Print reports from the Guarantor Payments panel include:

  • Payment Receipt (Includes a list of services paid by the payment)
  • Payment Receipt – No Detail

Quick Print reports available in the Upcoming Appointments panel include:

  • Appointment Card (for Dymo LabelWriter)
  • Future Appointment List
This is a standard
feature in NowMD