Electronic Remittance Advice Auto-Posting

Insurance companies are eager to send remittance information electronically because of the huge cost savings. This is great news for healthcare practices and billing services!

Remittance transactions in ANSI 5010 are very standardized. No longer is there any guesswork about which claims were paid. NowMD imports, processes and posts payments and adjustments based on carrier adjudication of your electronic claims:

  • Supports single payment, multiple payment, and multiple carrier electronic remittance files.
  • Paper remittance advice can be printed from NowMD for electronic remittance files.
  • Select the remittance files to import and NowMD processes them completely and automatically.
  • Users are not required to step through remittances manually, saving time in remittance posting.
  • Claims with unusual adjustments are marked for follow up in the Billing Center so that these claims can be reviewed by an office’s biller.
  • Duplicate remittance posting is prevented through carrier-assigned unique identifiers

Saves a Huge Amount of Time

Posting payments can take more time than posting charges!

When you see how much time you can save by automatically posting payments you’ll never go back to manual posting. Your attention is focused only on non-routine remittances. Everything else just flies right through.

Accuracy and Confidence

Claims and services are positively identified before payments and adjustments are processed. A unique identifier for every claim and every service line in electronic claims sent from NowMD makes this possible. Routine remittances with payments for services, fee schedule adjustments and application to patient deductible are processed with no further effort required. Non-routine remittances with exceptions like non-covered services, rejections for errors and other types of denials are flagged for follow-up both in the remittance posting list and in the NowMD Billing Center. Claims with remittance exceptions do not automatically progress to billing a secondary carrier or guarantor until they are reviewed. Follow-up for these exceptions fits right in with follow-up activities for past due payments and other unpaid services.

You Control Non-Routine Adjustment Posting

You can specify which Claim Adjustment Reason Codes (CARCs) will automatically have adjustments posted. This allows practices that, for example, have their procedures bundled and adjusted to post the payer adjustments automatically rather than reviewing each affected claim manually during remittance posting.

In-Depth Information

All the information found on a paper remittance advice is stored in NowMD and is very accessible:

  • Every message in the remittance is stored with the electronic remittance and printed with a paper remittance report
  • Full message codes and text are stored in every encounter processed for a remittance for use in follow-up – There’s no need to refer back to a remittance while working to get a claim paid


Automatic Remittance Posting is included in NowMD at no additional cost. This feature posts remittances for claims sent electronically through any NowMD electronic claims module.

This is a standard
feature in NowMD