Welcome to the NowMD Learning Center

The Learning Center offers video training on your schedule. Each video in our library gives you to-the-point information you can use right now! We are constantly adding to our training library – We hope the Learning Center is a resource you use regularly.

Training videos are organized by software function. Click the section name to go to the video library for that topic.

Basic Training

In this section you’ll find information related to general use of NowMD. These videos will teach you fundamental things you need to know about NowMD before you start setting up the software.

Video topics include:

  • What is a Center?
  • How to Search for Information in NowMD
  • Using the Help Center

Getting Started – Preparing NowMD for Use

The Settings center is used to enter and maintain supporting information and to control system settings in NowMD. Go through each screen in this center to make necessary settings and familiarize yourself with the supporting information needed for billing.

Video topics include:

  • Setting up NowMD Users, Rendering Providers and Billing Providers
  • Entering Insurance Carriers
  • Setting Up Procedure and Diagnosis Codes
  • Creating and Editing Encounter Entry Templates

Entering, Editing and Working with Patients

Patients are at the center of NowMD. Learn how to find patients, enter new patients and edit existing patients.

Video topics include:

  • Patient Entry
  • Using the Patient Overview

Entering Patient Encounters

Encounters are used for insurance billing in NowMD

Video topics include:

  • Entering patient encounters
  • Customizing data entry features
  • Entering and applying a patient copayment