Using the Settings and More Center

The Settings center is used to enter supporting data and to control NowMD software options.

Before beginning to use NowMD you should go through every link in the Settings center. Videos in this Learning Center section will help you learn about these topics:

  • NowMD Users, Rendering Providers and Billing Providers – You have all the flexibility you need for professional services billing no matter how complex the business arrangements of its providers.
  • Insurance Carriers – Covers insurance company information, billing settings and more.
  • Procedure and Diagnosis Codes – Set up and maintain the service and product databased used for provider and practice billing. NowMD supports both ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes.
  • Encounter Entry Templates – Eliminate the complexity of billing data entry entry. Customize a huge part of NowMD’s billing entry window to meet your needs.

Get The Most From These Videos!

Set the video to full screen with this control in the lower right corner of the player.

Staff and Providers

Staff members in NowMD are used for these purposes:

  • To control who in an office can access NowMD
  • For the NowMD Time Clock function
  • To record the rendering provider for services performed

The Billing Provider is the billing entity used for claims. The Billing Provider can be an individual provider or a business organization.

Insurance Carriers

Learn how to enter information for insurance payers, provider identification and other insurance billing details.

Procedure and Diagnosis Codes

Procedure codes are used for billing every service offered or product sold by a practice. NowMD supports billing with ICD-10 diagnoses when they are required and still supports ICD-9 diagnosis codes.

Customizing Encounter Entry Templates

Encounter entry templates control the data entry fields available when billing for a patient encounter. There many reasons to customize these templates:

  • NowMD is designed to work in many types of healthcare practices and billing services – Personalizing a template lets you create your own data entry list to make your work easier
  • Templates can be created for specific patient conditions and for billing payers that require unique information
  • Fields can be set as required to avoid missing claim information