NowMD Medical Billing Software Demo

View the NowMD demo video and download NowMD demo software.

A demonstration version of NowMD software is available that lets you install the software on your computer and see for yourself how it works. With the exception of the database limit of 25 patients and 50 encounters the NowMD demo works just like the real software. Scroll down for a download link.

Invest 10 Short Minutes to See How NowMD Works!

This video shows how to navigate the software, highlights the features of the Patient Overview, demonstrates the billing and follow-up functions of the Billing Center and more.

Download NowMD Demo Software

This demonstration version of NowMD is fully functioning software with the exception of data limits. Every screen works just like the real software because it IS real software!

Put NowMD through its paces – Enter data, print claim forms, view reports, check out the follow-up and collection features and decide for yourself whether NowMD would make a great addition to your healthcare practice or medical billing service.


  • Released: 8/17/2017
  • File Size: 39.1 MB
  • System Requirements: Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows 10. Works best on up-to-date computers.
  • Demo Data Limits: Demo software works with up to 25 patients and 50 encounters

Learn How to Use the Demo

Since the NowMD demo works just like the real software, you can view the NowMD training videos available in the Learning Center to learn how the demo works.

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