Patient Statements Have Never Been Easier!


NowMD produces and sends electronic statements to BillFlash. Now producing patient statements are as easy as selecting the statements to send in NowMD and stepping through the BillFlash wizard. Your statement batch is produced and uploaded automatically to BillFlash, all that’s left for you to do is approve the statemant batch on the BillFlash web site.

Here are BillFlash’s services:

  • Print and mail statements that include details on payments you accept and your contact information
  • Payment coupon and return envelope are included
  • Addresses are automatically updated using the USPS National Change of Address service so your statements arrive as quickly as possible. BillFlash provides an Address Change Report so you can update your patient records. Unmailable addresses are also returned to you.
  • Statements are batched with the postal service so you can get the best postage rates available

BillFlash also offers an ePay service so your patients can pay their bill online.

Statements to Enhance Your Professional Image


BillFlash offers numerous color, styling and customization options.

Want more information on BillFlash? Visit their web site at or call (435) 940-9123

Software for producing and sending statements
to BillFlash is a standard feature in NowMD.
BillFlash fees are additional.