Import Medisoft Data for Use in NowMD

NowMD software will import Medisoft data for healthcare practices and billing services converting to NowMD. With very little additional data entry this billing-ready conversion will be ready for use in NowMD. Data imported includes:

  • Practice information
  • Rendering providers and staff
  • Patients
  • Guarantors
  • Insurance carriers
  • Employers
  • Service facilities
  • Referring providers
  • New patient sources
  • Attorney contacts
  • Procedure codes
  • Diagnosis codes
  • Multilink codes
  • Appointments

Past accounting data is not imported due to its incompatibility with NowMD’s billing, tracking and follow-up methods.

Medisoft data from versions 7-19 can be imported for use in NowMD. Users bear the responsibility to review their imported data to determine if it will be suitable for their use in NowMD. Improper use of Medisoft and physically damaged database tables will affect the usability of imported data and NowMD’s ability to import the data.

Medisoft is a trademark of McKesson Corporation and is not related to NowMD.

This is a standard
feature in NowMD