Basic Things You Need to Know

Learning Center videos in this category help you with general information about NowMD. Information in the following videos applies to every part of NowMD.

  • Centers – These are the major parts of NowMD. The main menu in the lower left of the NowMD screen lets you go the to each center in the system.
  • Searching – The NowMD Global Patient Search is always visible in the upper right of the screen. Other search abilities are available in each NowMD center and in data entry windows.
  • Help – NowMD’s Help Center is the first place to look for information on the software. Online help, the user manual, online help and support resources and more are available in the Help Center.

Get The Most From These Videos!

Set the video to full screen with this control in the lower right corner of the player.

What Is a Center?

NowMD is organized into centers. This video explains the use of centers and how to navigate the menu.

How to Search

Knowing how to quickly search for the information you need makes NowMD far easier to use. With information in this video you’ll know how to navigate data entry windows and avoid moving your hands between the keyboard and mouse.

Using the Help Center

NowMD’s Help Center is the place to go for complete information on using NowMD. Information resources are available on your computer, from your NowMD Dealer and in the NowMD Roundtable web discussion forum.