NowMD is Well Connected

In the not-so-distant past it was common for smaller healthcare practices to produce insurance claims on paper, manually enter payments and use a credit card terminal for processing patient payments. With the advances in electronic claims and payment advice motivated by new ANSI 5010 requirements, these electronic services are easier, more affordable and more universal than ever.

NowMD offers electronic claims clearinghouse integration, universal ANSI 837 file creation, automated electronic remittance advice posting and built-in credit card processing.

It’s hard to imagine the advantages unless you’ve experienced them first hand!

  • Claims get to payers much faster and with fewer errors
  • Payments are received much more quickly
  • Conforming payments are posted instantly and automatically
  • Processing problems, non-covered services and all other payment irregularities are flagged for follow-up
  • Credit card payments can be processed on any computer in the office

NowMD gives you affordable electronic connections to make every healthcare practice more efficient.