NowMD Version 2.2 Released

NowMD Version 2.2 is now available for download and installation! This update includes a few maintenance fixes and adds these features:

  • Electronic Transaction module for the Practice Insight Clearinghouse is now included. This software includes these new features:
  • Batch eligibility checking from the appointment scheduler
  • Individual eligibility checking from a patient’s insurance entry tab
  • Eligibility results are saved for future review for each patient
  • Electronic EOBs are automatically downloaded with each connection to Practice Insight. They can later be processed without manually importing EOB batches.

To download this update, go to the Home center in NowMD and click “Check for Updates” in the upper left corner of the center. After installing the update, each computer will automatically update to the version on your local server computer.

Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 8, Older Versions of Internet Explorer

Today Microsoft ended support for Windows 8 and Internet Explorer versions 8, 9 and 10. What does this mean to you? Microsoft is no longer supporting or updating these versions of its software and you need to update now!

Microsoft offers free updates to newer versions of these programs free of charge. If you automatically receive updates you will get these newer versions automatically and probably already have them. If you are using Windows 8 you should upgrade to Windows 8.1. If you are using Internet Explorer version 8, 9 or 10 you need to get Internet Explorer version 11. You can also use an alternate web browser like Google Chrome, Firefox or others.

Why is it important to upgrade? Since Microsoft is no longer supporting or updating these programs you will not be protected from security vulnerabilities and are at risk of attack.

Check your Windows Update settings to be sure you’re already protected with automatic updates!

Insurance Billing with ICD-10 Codes

The medical billing transition from ICD-9 codes to ICD-10 diagnosis codes is just weeks away. Here’s how this will affect NowMD:

Transition Date: October 1, 2015

Services rendered prior to October 1 must be billed using ICD-9 diagnosis codes. With very few exceptions services rendered on or after October 1 must be billed using ICD-10 diagnosis codes. If you enter multiple dates of service in one NowMD encounter you must not mix services that occurred before October 1 with those that occurred on or after October 1.

ICD-10 Diagnosis Code Selection

ICD-10 is far more than different codes for the same old diagnosis. ICD-9-CM includes about 17,000 codes. Compare that to the more than 140,000 codes in ICD-10 and you can see that you will need far more than just a crosswalk from your old ICD-9 codes to ICD-10. It’s easy to find an ICD-10 code selection book or lookup tool with a quick web search.

Here’s a free ICD-10 code lookup tool on the CMS web site:

Switching to ICD-10 in NowMD

Add the ICD-10 codes you use to your diagnosis list in Settings and More > Diagnosis Codes.


Be sure to check the ICD-10 Code box for your new diagnosis codes.

To complete the changeover turn of searching for your ICD-9 codes.


Checking this box in Settings and More > Use ICD-10 Codes Only will prevent ICD-9 codes from showing in a diagnosis code search and NowMD will not allow ICD-9 codes to be entered in an encounter.

Windows 10 Compatibility

Beginning July 29 most users of Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 could begin upgrading to Windows 10 free of charge. By the end of July, only three days into the release, 14 million computers were already running the new operating system.

Should You Upgrade to Windows 10?

Windows 10 is fully supported for use with NowMD. If you decide to upgrade be sure to give your computers plenty of time to complete the upgrade so they will be ready for use when your office opens. Keep in mind that the upgrade to Windows 10 will unregister NowMD. Allow ample time to get your new unlock code after the upgrade. There is no charge for re-registering NowMD for the Windows 10 upgrade.

100 Days Until ICD-10

If you’re still wondering what you are going to do about ICD-10 you only have 100 days until insurance claims are required to have these new diagnosis codes to figure it out!

NowMD is ready now for ICD-10:

  • Paper claims can be printed with ICD-10 diagnosis codes
  • Electronic claims can be sent with ICD-10 diagnosis codes

ICD-9 diagnosis codes can remain in your system if you have an insurer that will not accept the new codes. A simple flip of a setting switch will remove ICD-9 codes from a diagnosis description search to help you stay on track.

NowMD can be a simple, affordable way to be ICD-10 compliant and keep your payments flowing.

NowMD Version 2 is Released!

New features and maintenance corrections are available now in this free upgrade for current users of NowMD. Following are the major feature additions in the version 2 upgrade:

ID Card Scanning

Use a computer-connected scanner to scan images of patient insurance cards or other identification directly into their patient record. Scanned images can be retained in the patient record for as long as they are needed.

more information…

BillFlash Electronic Statements Integration

Use the BillFlash service ( to print and mail patient statements. BillFlash statements offer a professional appearance and dramatically simplify sending patient statements.

more information…

Updated Credit Card Processing

Credit card processing in NowMD has been updated to help providers maintain compliance with credit card data security rules. With this addition to NowMD credit card charges can be processed from any NowMD computer in the office. New features include the ability to accept Apple Pay and support for future implementation of chip-embedded credit cards.

more information…

Auto Patient Portion Application

Guarantor payments can be applied automatically to the oldest encounter with a guarantor-responsible balance.


Other new features include the ability to handle insurance reversals automatically in electronic remittance processing, the addition of a Patient Face Sheet report printed from the Patient Overview, and the addition of a reference for the new 02-12 insurance claim form that explains in detail where the information comes from in NowMD to complete the form and the conditions that will alter the information printed on the form.

For current NowMD users the update is available by clicking Check for Updates in the Home Center in NowMD.

5 Stars for NowMD – Software Review

Joy Hicks is an accredited healthcare practice manager with well over a decade of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. In her review of NowMD she points out details of the software that make it a good choice for a practice’s healthcare billing needs.

See the NowMD review here:

Joy also contributes extensively to Her articles provide a wealth of knowledge for managing the business side of any healthcare practice. A quick sign up is all it takes to have Joy’s articles emailed to you regularly!

CARC adjustment codes

How to Automatically Apply Adjustments Using Claim Adjustment Reason Codes – CARC Codes

When a claim is submitted electronically through NowMD the electronic EOB can be posted automatically to the claim and service lines. This feature is standard in NowMD.

NowMD can now automatically post adjustments for user-selected CARC codes (Claim Adjustment Reason Codes) included in an EOB. This new feature simplifies payment posting by reducing the number of claims that need manual review because of these adjustments!

Examples of user-defined adjustment types include:

  • Bundled procedures
  • Non-covered services
  • Sequestration adjustments
  • And any other CARC code received regularly by a practice

CARC code adjustment settings are found in the Settings center under the Claim Adjustment Reason Codes heading. Activate automatic adjustments by selecting the reason code and checking the adjustment category of Contractual Obligation (CO), Payer Initiated Reductions (PI) or Other Adjustment (OA). All adjustments matching the CARC code and type of adjustment will be automatically adjusted on future electronic EOBs.

8 Ways to Maximize Patient Collections with Statements

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) research indicates that over 23% of total patient services revenue comes from patient payments. Following a few simple rules can encourage patient payments rather than discouraging and delaying them.

  1. Statements should clearly and completely identify the billing provider or practice name. Displaying the practice’s logo with this information is an even better idea.
  2. Offering a credit card payment option gives another option to use to pay now
  3. Showing past-due amounts and their age communicates the urgency of paying now
  4. Describing the services rendered rather than just showing CPT codes helps patients understand what they’re paying for
  5. Showing the total charges and amounts already paid, applied to deductible and adjusted answer patient questions and reduce the need to speak with a billing representative
  6. Provide a telephone number that lets patients speak directly with the billing staff
  7. Explain what the patient needs to do next – Pay the outstanding balance? Contact the practice or the insurance company?
  8. Send patient statements immediately after receiving the insurance remittance advice – Why wait to be paid?

NowMD supports every one of these collections-improving tips. Discover more about how you can use NowMD to be paid the fees you’ve earned on the NowMD web site.

See the entire MGMA article with many more collection-improving ideas at

New Release Adds Support for 1500 (02-12) Claim Form

NowMD version 1.05 released today! This version adds support for the new data required for and printing of the new 1500 Claim Form (02-12). This form was formerly called the CMS-1500 claim form.

Other features like support sending claims by FTP, the ability to filter the statement list in the billing center to show a single guarantor, and several maintenance changes are also in this release.

This update is free of charge to current NowMD owners. Access to the file download area is available by opening NowMD to the Home center and clicking the Check for Updates link in the left side menu.

NowMD is designed to be an affordable practice management software option for healthcare providers and medical billing services. Contact a NowMD Dealer or NowMD directly for more information on putting this software to work in your office while saving hundreds or thousands over the cost of similar software.