HeW Clearinghouse

HeW Clearinghouse is a preferred electronic transaction provider for NowMD


Service Is The Biggest Difference!

Healthcare practices and billing services choose and stay with HeW because they get help when they need it. Every clearinghouse provides electronic electronic transaction services but HeW helps billers use them! Unlimited free telephone technical support is available from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. Mountain Time Monday through Friday.

How can HeW support help?

  • Step by step help when you can’t get a claim out the door
  • Researching of payer denials
  • Help navigating and troubleshooting claims, remittances and other services
  • No cookie-cutter approach here! Support services are tailored for each client


HeW has a dedicated trainer available to train everyone in your office. Use HeW’s live web-based training whenever you need it. Also available on HeW’s web site are training videos covering all aspects of their service including importing claims, billing secondary insurance and claim status information.

Enrollment, Testing and Production

NowMD and HeW support staff take you every step of the way from EDI enrollment through test claim submission and into production.

Higher First-Pass Rate and Improved Payments

NowMD’s basic data checking coupled with HeW’s claim edits and client-specific claim scrubbing ensure claims have the best potential possible to go straight through payer systems and get maximum results.

Works Great with NowMD

NowMD includes a customized electronic claims module designed just for HeW. After a claim batch is created NowMD logs into HeW’s system and securely sends your claims. When you access HeW’s online portal your claims are waiting for you to review and process.


HeW’s rates are very competitive. Service pricing is tailored for healthcare specialty and claim volume with special rates for medical billing services.

Contact HeW

On the Telephone: (877) 565-5457
By Email: sales@hewedi.com
On the Web: www.hewedi.com

HeW software is a standard feature in NowMD.
Clearinghouse fees are additional.