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8 Ways to Maximize Patient Collections with Statements

Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) research indicates that over 23% of total patient services revenue comes from patient payments. Following a few simple rules can encourage patient payments rather than discouraging and delaying them. Statements should clearly and completely identify the billing provider or practice name. Displaying the practice’s logo with this information is an […]

New Release Adds Support for 1500 (02-12) Claim Form

NowMD version 1.05 released today! This version adds support for the new data required for and printing of the new 1500 Claim Form (02-12). This form was formerly called the CMS-1500 claim form. Other features like support sending claims by FTP, the ability to filter the statement list in the billing center to show a […]

Support for New 1500 (02-12) Claim Form

NowMD will support the new 1500 (02-12) health insurance claim form by October 2013. Note that this claim form is no longer called CMS 1500. This new insurance claim form will be accepted for Medicare claims beginning January 6, 2014, will be accepted concurrently with the current CMS 1500 claim form through March 31, 2014, […]

Webinars Scheduled for Potential NowMD Dealers

Webinars for potential NowMD dealers have been scheduled. Content includes: Features that set NowMD apart from every other practice management system Details of the NowMD dealer plan NowMD technology Benefits of being a NowMD dealer If your company is involved in selling, installing, supporting or training for computers, networks or accounting software, particularly medical office […]

NowMD Released Today!

NowMD software is now ready for purchase! Get the NowMD Demo and learn how this innovative software can help your healthcare practice or medical billing service. Its complete list of features makes it easy to bill for services, collect the money you’ve earned and track related information every step of the way. Contact our sales […]

NowMD is Well Connected

In the not-so-distant past it was common for smaller healthcare practices to produce insurance claims on paper, manually enter payments and use a credit card terminal for processing patient payments. With the advances in electronic claims and payment advice motivated by new ANSI 5010 requirements, these electronic services are easier, more affordable and more universal […]

NowMD is Coming Soon

NowMD Medical Billing Software is like nothing you’ve ever seen. The software includes features that makes data entry faster, streamline billing and help healthcare practices collect more of the money they earn. NowMD’s developers have dozens of years of experience in developing and supporting medical billing and practice management software. You can tell when you […]