New Release Adds Support for 1500 (02-12) Claim Form

NowMD version 1.05 released today! This version adds support for the new data required for and printing of the new 1500 Claim Form (02-12). This form was formerly called the CMS-1500 claim form.

Other features like support sending claims by FTP, the ability to filter the statement list in the billing center to show a single guarantor, and several maintenance changes are also in this release.

This update is free of charge to current NowMD owners. Access to the file download area is available by opening NowMD to the Home center and clicking the Check for Updates link in the left side menu.

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Support for New 1500 (02-12) Claim Form

NowMD will support the new 1500 (02-12) health insurance claim form by October 2013. Note that this claim form is no longer called CMS 1500. This new insurance claim form will be accepted for Medicare claims beginning January 6, 2014, will be accepted concurrently with the current CMS 1500 claim form through March 31, 2014, and will be required for Medicare claims beginning April 1, 2014. These dates are subject to change but this is the current plan.

NowMD users will not be required to purchase a software upgrade to gain support for this new claim form. More information including instructions for completing the form and other implementation details are available on the National Uniform Claim Committee web site at