Home Based Medical Billing Service Software

NowMD was designed to meet the insurance billing needs of healthcare providers – Which makes it perfect for medical billing services too! NowMD is built for sending electronic insurance claims and printing paper claims, and it supports electronic patient statements and prints business reports to keep clients informed.

Here are a few of the NowMD features you’ll appreciate in your billing service:

  • Includes production reports that are perfect for billing a doctor for services rendered
  • Supports multiple databases for multiple clients with no additional fee
  • Low prices mean it’s easy to affordably equip a billing service with the best technology available

If you are interested in starting a medical billing service then getting NowMD should be at the top of your to-do list.

5 Stars for NowMD – Software Review

Joy Hicks is an accredited healthcare practice manager with well over a decade of experience in healthcare revenue cycle management. In her review of NowMD she points out details of the software that make it a good choice for a practice’s healthcare billing needs.

See the NowMD review here:

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